BROWS ARE SISTERS, but not TWINS! Permanent makeup can make them just perfect.

No face is completely ideal, symmetrical. Through that asymmetry and mimicry, the greatest inequality can be noticed the eyebrows. Some are higher, some lower, while there can also be a difference in length and width, because the growth and direction of hairs cannot be controlled. Why is it so?

Each face has its active and passive side. The side of the face where the eyebrow is higher – has a lowered corner of the lip, while on the side where the eyebrow is lower – the corner of the lip is raised. For some, this problem is minimal, almost unnoticeable until you really look with great focus at it, while for some, the inequality goes from a few millimeters to even 1 cm.

Do you take selfie sometimes?

You’ve probably noticed when you take a selfie, that one side of your face always turns out more beautiful than the other and that you always want that profile to be in the photo, because you simply don’t look like yourself from the other side. Precisely because of the active and passive sides of the face, most people have the impression that one side in the pictures is completely different from the other.

Is there a solution to this “problem“?

Of course! In addition to more invasive methods – botox, hyaluron, threads…there are also less invasive, PMU, methods. With permanent make-up with the help of several techniques – microblading (Japanese microblading), micropigmentation (powder brows), combined methods of microblading and powder brows… we can improve the appearance of eyebrows, fill in missing hairs and correct symmetry. Of course, due to mimicry, no face can completely have “twin sisters” eyebrows, but their difference can be reduced to barely noticeable.

The effect is present for at least one year, and the color of the pigment used is adapted to the color of your natural hairs and hair color, so that they do not “distract” from the face and look unnatural.

Before the treatment itself, facial expressions and the position of the eyebrows are always carefully studied from several angles, your wishes are taken into account, and it is explained what can be done and what kind of result you can expect.

Because of all of the above, I suggest that you schedule a free consultation even before the treatment itself, so that we can agree on everything and find the best solution for you!