Corrections of existing works of permanent makeup and tattoos

Have you had your eyebrows done and after a certain period of time you are not satisfied with their appearance again? You are thinking about how you can cover them, and improve them, but preferably without first removing them with a laser or a remover…? The answer to this question is not the same for every person who has permanent makeup, because it is influenced several of factors:

Existing color

* Concentration of pigment in the skin

* Position and shape of existing eyebrows

* Thickness of existing permanent eyebrow makeup

* Skin type and condition

* Facial expressions


The pigment in the skin fades due to several factors. As time passes, the eyebrows become narrower, so it is necessary to retouch the color and form/shape after a period of time. It is recommended that at least one year should pass after the first treatment and then come for a consultation to see if it is time for a retouch or to wait some more.

You should not exaggerate with frequent retouches and corrections because in this way the skin will be saturated with pigment very quickly. Eyebrows that are oversaturated with color are exactly the ones we say we would not like to have on our face when we come for the first treatment of permanent makeup and describe our wishes. 

After years of frequent repetition of pigmentation, it is inevitable that at some point the pigment must be removed with a laser or remover in order to relieve the skin of old and cold colors and to create space for adding new pigment under the skin. 


Over time, the techniques of applying pigments and the composition of pigments have changed and are constantly changing.

One group of clients who come for corrections are those on whom we can see gray and red eyebrows that are the result of the faded color of the treatment done a few years ago, whose previously introduced pigment has changed color over time. Those colors can be successfully corrected if you are in expert hands and with a person who will give you a precise explanation of the expectations after the correction as well as an explanation of what can be corrected and to what extent.

Another group of clients who often come in for corrections is those who had tattoos are done 10-15 years ago or more. Such works must first be removed because they are the result of using tattoo pigments on the face. I’m talking about clearly visible face tattoos here. The original shape and color of these works were also lost over time, but they are still too strong and intense.

Generally speaking, when working with permanent makeup, the pigment will not be completely gone from the skin in a year, so that it can be retouched so quickly; it takes at least 5 years because over time the skin resorbs the pigment due to the physiological processes that occur in it as well as due to our hormonal status and external factors that affect the skin.

For any kind of new work/correction or retouch, we need photos of the existing work or a live consultation with the client, to realistically present the situation to the client and give a suggestion on how the correction can be done or a piece of advice on removal. 

After approval and consent from the client, that they want the presented result, we can start with the correction. 

It is important to talk honestly and openly about this topic so that the client’s unrealistic expectations do not cause a negative backlash.