Eyebrow treatments last a maximum of 120 minutes, including talking with the client, activation of the anesthetic, drawing the shape and the hair drawing process itself.
Lip treatments last a maximum of 2.5 to 3 hours, including talking with the client, acting on the anesthetic and drawing the shape.
Eyeliner treatments last, like the eyebrow treatment, for about 120 minutes, including talking with the client, acting on the anesthetic, drawing the shape and the hair drawing process itself.

It is recommended that the work should be examined and refined after at least one month from the first treatment,  for the skin to fully regenerate and recover.

Treatment up to a maximum of 3 months from the first treatment is considered a correction. After that, the treatment is considered a retouch.

On the treatment pages you will find a detailed description of the prices of corrections and retouches.

With the use of primary and, if necessary, secondary anesthetics, the treatments are painless. You can feel mild sensations in the form of tickling and stinging.

After any permanent make-up treatment, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and solarium for about 10 days (wear a hat, cap… when walking). Avoid the sauna, public waters, the sea and invasive facial treatments until the eyebrows, lips or eyeliner have completely flaked off.

  • Pregnant women
  • People with inflammatory processes on the face (eczema, acne…) or flaking
  • People who have had botox in the last 2-3 weeks before the scheduled treatment
  • Persons under any form of radio or chemotherapy
  • People suffering from hemophilia
  • People suffering from severe forms of diabetes
  • People suffering from epilepsy
  • People who have a problem with slower wound healing

You can always send me a photo via email at info@marijacalija.com, Instagram profile or Viber – the photo should be taken in daylight, in full frontal view and without additional eyebrow makeup.

In addition, I recommend that you schedule a free consultation where we will find the ideal solution and clear up any doubts.

The shape of the eyebrows is determined according to the golden proportion of the face, the height of the arch, the distance between the sclera, the physiognomy and structure of the face, and the color is determined with relation to the existing natural hairs or in relation to the natural hair color if there are no hairs on the eyebrows.

No, it is preferable to have as many natural hairs as possible so that the drawn hairs blend better with them as a whole and look as natural as possible. If the client does not have natural eyebrows, the hairs are drawn so that they look completely natural.

Retouching the pigment is a type of correction, whereby the intensity of drawn hairs is increased and the shape and color of the eyebrows can be partially modified. Retouching is usually done once a year, with many works looking great for much longer, a couple of years at a time. After a year, the client should call, come for a consultation, and then decide whether a retouch is necessary.

The existing natural hairs are not removed, it is even desirable to have them to blend better with the drawing as a whole. Only those hairs that may stand out of the ideal shape when drawing the shape of the future eyebrows are plucked.