8 reasons to say YES to permanent eyebrow makeup

Have you ever looked at a person and their face seems sad, angry, or just as if something doesn’t seem right? In most cases, the answer to this question is that the eyebrows are the main culprit. First of all, the question arises whether you know the role of the eyebrows themselves and how much they are an indicator of the feelings on our faces. The role of eyebrows is to express emotions through facial expressions. To express these emotions, we use eyebrows, eyelids, and lips, because verbal communication takes only 25% of the total conversation and interaction, while physiognomy is much more.

8 razloga zašto reći da trajnoj šminci obrva

Why permanent eyebrow makeup and who is it intended for?

  1. Permanent make-up creates a natural look of highlighted existing eyebrows, which, with shape correction, completes the look according to the facial features of each client. 
  2. They play a big role in the aesthetic, biological and sociological sense and restore a sense of self-confidence. 
  3. With more mature skin, due to the drop in tone of the skin itself, the eyebrows also suffer the consequences. With permanent make-up, the shape can be corrected and adapted to each person individually, thus achieving the look of an open eye, which is the right solution for people with poor skin elasticity. 
  4. Gives fullness and a more accentuated look to people with light and thin eyebrows.
  5. The “made-up eyebrows” look is achieved, which greatly facilitates women’s life because they do not waste daily time drawing the shape.
  6. Similarly, when you are at the pool or the seaside, you don’t have to worry, even after getting out of the water, your eyebrows are still on your face.
  7. We are also familiar with the fact that there is no hair in the area of scars or injuries. Permanent make-up can also be done over these places (of course, if the scar has healed), which complements the eyebrow in the missing parts. 
  8. Over the decades, various styles have come and gone, whereby perhaps the very thin eyebrow look was prevalent during the longest period. Over the years, as we age, all processes in the body change and slow down, and this is also the case with hair growth. Permanent eyebrow makeup is an excellent solution for this type of problem.

Before the treatment itself, make sure that you really want it. First of all, make sure to research who you are going to give your trust to, and ask about the expertise and experience of that person. You can also schedule a consultation to check the environment in which the treatment is performed  because the skin remembers everything and therefore needs to be protected and taken care of. Choose the tried and tested ones!